Mission Statement & Objectives

European Nanoporous Materials Institute of Excellence

As an independent and customer driven European Nanoporous Materials Institute of Excellence,
ENMIX mission is to offer:

  • Innovative technological solutions
  • Unique scientific measuring expertise and facilities and
  • Science-based advice and training

With the goal of:
Stimulating sustainable development and strengthening the economic and societal fabric in Europe

ENMIX aims to

  • promote excellence and coordinate high-level research in the areas of preparation, characterisation and industrial application of nanoporous materials
  • be an internationally renowned platform for research into the field of the synthesis of porous materials, sorbents, membranes and catalysis
  • be a preferred partner with high-quality infrastructures and expertise in development and application of new and improved measurement services
  • be a pole of excellence for training, advising and supporting researchers in the field of nanoporous materials
  • be a key contributor to positioning Europe internationally with regard to sustainable development